Access Control & Attendance Management Systems

Access Control & Attendance Management Systems

Not only modernising and securing the entrances to your office or building, biometric access control & time and attendance systems are quickly also becoming more and more useful in the education sector for accurate attendance tracking due to the limitations and inaccuracies of traditional attendance tracking methods like roll calling or card punching.

At Hitash Consults, we design and install bespoke access control and time attendance systems that will keep your entrances secure and track attendances in a way that suits you, your business, employees and clients.

Our approach to installing access control systems involves four steps.

  • We first survey your premises and get an idea of any potential issues or obstacles that could get in our way.

  • Next, we’ll come up with a design that perfectly suits your business needs and ensures maximum performance.

Installation is done in a way that minimises disruption to your business. Our aim is to avoid any network downtime or loss of productivity while we’re working. Once we’ve completed the implementation of your system, we’ll complete a final post-installation survey that makes sure everything is working as it should.

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