Mobile Application Development

We provide full-cycle mobile app development services. This includes expert business analysis, design and development of your mobile application from idea to launch, integrating the new product into your infrastructure and providing further optimization and scale-up on demand.

We build mobile applications on different platforms using top-notch technologies and proven approaches.

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IT Solutions

With extensive expertise around server, storage, and software products, our IT Solution experts help our clients understand their specific IT needs and deliver customized solutions that result in increased efficiency and lower cost of ownership. Our extensive partnerships ensure that we can provide the best fit for your organizational needs at the right price. With certified experts delivering solutions you can be assured of a successful implementation.

Network Infrastructure Solutions

When your network isn’t working, you aren’t either. Network downtime is a loss for your business, robbing you of valuable resources and revenue each minute. That’s why our architects secure, resilient networks that minimize downtime to keep your revenue source running and your business online. Our network consulting team handles three core types of projects: IT Network Refresh Modernize your network with updates to routing, firewalls, security and core infrastructure. Network Infrastructure Design Develop and deploy a network infrastructure that suits your unique business needs. Network Security Services Ensure compliance and security for your network and keep your data safe.

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Unified Communications

Cloud based PBX, Phone, Voicemail, Fax. Keep your team in the loop at all times with unified, cloud-based communications. Cloud PBX Access your phone services from anywhere you choose with a hosted cloud PBX. Migrate your existing phone numbers & users, and enable VOIP phones, desktop software, and cell phones to connect and receive VOIP calls. Integrated Voicemail Tie your voicemail platform to your phone and your email, enabling all messaging to be unified in one platform. Centralized Faxing Enable a centralized faxing process that delivers to an account structure you specify, including delivering faxes out to individual email addresses.

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Storage Solutions

Our certified sales and consulting experts help companies of all sizes meet the demands of today’s business environment through our storage offerings and implementation services. Hitash Consults supports a wide range of storage solutions from DELLEMC, HPE and NetApp. Our solutions provide a full range of All-Flash and tiered storage implementations based upon business needs. These include support for storage area network (SAN) and fibre attached storage as well as network attached storage (NAS) for a broad range of server and networking environments.

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IT Servers

Hitash Consults delivers a comprehensive range of IT servers that provide the building blocks of simpler, more integrated infrastructures. Our team of specialist stand ready to meet your hardware implementation needs. Clear Technologies has years of experience in storage solutions, storage area network Infrastructure, IT servers, data center infrastructure needs. Through our relationships with both DELL and HPE, our team has the tools to meet your server needs. Through our partnership with Simplicity, we also offer converged or hyperconverged infrastructure platform services.

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IT Consulting

With IT requirements evolving at a rapid pace, businesses need lasting solutions to support a growing environment. Our IT Consulting experts assist with all phases of project execution from design, implementation, migration, on-going support and more.

Cloud Hosting

For organizations seeking to modernize and add redundancy to their operations, we provide a robust portfolio of cloud-based services, both internally developed and managed, as well as services from the leading cloud providers in the world. We also provide consulting, migration services, management and consolidation of your operational expenses through our Cloud Services team.

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IT Support

Our Multivendor Support reduces your equipment downtime by streamlining problem identification and resolution across your environment. Your IT staff will spend less time coordinating multiple support contracts and more time on critical business needs. You will get the most from your existing system by more effectively managing your equipment lifecycle, bringing efficiency to budgeting, and reducing IT complexity.

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Graphics Designing

Graphic-design is the process of formatting, illustration, and photography. The importance of graphic designing is something which derives advertising and attracts you. It plays an important role in today’s modern competitive global environment and has become an integral part of any business and occasion.

We provide training in the following graphic designing tools:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe fireworks
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw

Digital Printing up to A3 / Semi-gloss finish / Low/high volume business cards / High quality gloss ormatt Brochures / CD Covers / Labels / Invitations / Menus / Programmes.

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CCTV & Surveillance

CCTV (closed circuit television) plays a crucial part in the welfare of businesses. Though the main point of CCTV is to help prevent or lower crime, there are also other business benefits to installing this type of system including It acts as a crime and theft deterrent, promoting a good working relationship with staff and also preventing safety incidents.

At Hitash Consults, security is key to our clients and with CCTV Surveillance; we have a range of special features that mean your business including;

High definition (HD)

Live watch from anywhere.

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)

This feature enables you to quickly search videos if you’re looking for critical evidence. IVA is able to distinguish sections of footage based on motion detection, an object going missing, camera occlusion and much more.  

As well as professional installation, we also offer CCTV repair, maintenance and servicing if your current system is outdated or not operating to the standard you would like.