Mobile Application Development

We provide full-cycle mobile app development services. This includes expert business analysis, design and development of your mobile application from idea to launch, integrating the new product into your infrastructure and providing further optimization and scale-up on demand.

We build mobile applications on different platforms using top-notch technologies and proven approaches.

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IT Solutions

With extensive expertise around server, storage, and software products, our IT Solution experts help our clients understand their specific IT needs and deliver customized solutions that result in increased efficiency and lower cost of ownership. Our extensive partnerships ensure that we can provide the best fit for your organizational needs at the right price. With certified experts delivering solutions you can be assured of a successful implementation.

Network Infrastructure Solutions

When your network isn’t working, you aren’t either. Network downtime is a loss for your business, robbing you of valuable resources and revenue each minute. That’s why our architects secure, resilient networks that minimize downtime to keep your revenue source running and your business online. Our network consulting team handles three core types of projects: IT Network Refresh Modernize your network with updates to routing, firewalls, security and core infrastructure. Network Infrastructure Design Develop and deploy a network infrastructure that suits your unique business needs. Network Security Services Ensure compliance and security for your network and keep your data safe.

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Unified Communications

Cloud based PBX, Phone, Voicemail, Fax. Keep your team in the loop at all times with unified, cloud-based communications. Cloud PBX Access your phone services from anywhere you choose with a hosted cloud PBX. Migrate your existing phone numbers & users, and enable VOIP phones, desktop software, and cell phones to connect and receive VOIP calls. Integrated Voicemail Tie your voicemail platform to your phone and your email, enabling all messaging to be unified in one platform. Centralized Faxing Enable a centralized faxing process that delivers to an account structure you specify, including delivering faxes out to individual email addresses.

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Storage Solutions

Our certified sales and consulting experts help companies of all sizes meet the demands of today’s business environment through our storage offerings and implementation services. Hitash Consults supports a wide range of storage solutions from DELLEMC, HPE and NetApp. Our solutions provide a full range of All-Flash and tiered storage implementations based upon business needs. These include support for storage area network (SAN) and fibre attached storage as well as network attached storage (NAS) for a broad range of server and networking environments.

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IT Servers

Hitash Consults delivers a comprehensive range of IT servers that provide the building blocks of simpler, more integrated infrastructures. Our team of specialist stand ready to meet your hardware implementation needs. Clear Technologies has years of experience in storage solutions, storage area network Infrastructure, IT servers, data center infrastructure needs. Through our relationships with both DELL and HPE, our team has the tools to meet your server needs. Through our partnership with Simplicity, we also offer converged or hyperconverged infrastructure platform services.

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IT Consulting

With IT requirements evolving at a rapid pace, businesses need lasting solutions to support a growing environment. Our IT Consulting experts assist with all phases of project execution from design, implementation, migration, on-going support and more.

Cloud Hosting

For organizations seeking to modernize and add redundancy to their operations, we provide a robust portfolio of cloud-based services, both internally developed and managed, as well as services from the leading cloud providers in the world. We also provide consulting, migration services, management and consolidation of your operational expenses through our Cloud Services team.

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IT Support

Our Multivendor Support reduces your equipment downtime by streamlining problem identification and resolution across your environment. Your IT staff will spend less time coordinating multiple support contracts and more time on critical business needs. You will get the most from your existing system by more effectively managing your equipment lifecycle, bringing efficiency to budgeting, and reducing IT complexity.

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Digital Literacy

This course introduces you to the world of Microsoft and learning that will benefit you in every aspect of life. It consists of many software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc.

The course is best on Microsoft Office 2019 and runs on Windows 10 and on the most recent versions of macOS.

Microsoft Word

Learn ms word which is a computer program developed by Microsoft and is used to construct and edit text documents. The highlighting ability of word is to make changes easily, such as spelling correction, deleting, formatting and relocating text. Adding to it, the document can be printed quickly and accurately saved for later modifications.

Why learn Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Office is a very helpful tool widely used by almost every company and business.  In today’s world, every business needs documentation, data handling and presentation. The importance of MS Office tools like Word is quite significant to all types of businesses. Industry-recognized certification will help advance your career as it provides a widely-recognized certification that you could earn after your training.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that is utilized in recording and analysing numerical data. The sheet is spread as a collection of columns and rows that form a table. Alphabetical letters are usually allocated to columns and numbers are assigned to rows. A cell is represented by the letter which addresses the column and a row is represented by the number. Learn ms excel which has many functions to extract and analyse the data that range from basic mathematical functions to complex statistical analyses will help in managing accounts, etc.

Why Learn Advanced Microsoft Excel?

Excel is a universal language that is used worldwide to deal with numbers in many ways. So, for the ease of people, Microsoft Excel is used if we want to record, analyze and store numeric data. Excel training will enable you to work efficiently and make the process of organising and manipulating data quite fast. If you acquire the great analytical skills of excel, the chance of higher employability increases. On top of that, starting with excel basic training will help you to understand the concepts and functions of this application.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slideshow presentation program created by Forethought, Inc. Microsoft has released an abundance of updated versions of powerpoint which offers more features and incorporating better technology. Furthermore, powerpoint was unified into Microsoft Office and embrace common elements and a connected user interface.

Why learn Microsoft Powerpoint?

Powerpoint facilitates you to create remarkable and staggering presentations. The image editing capabilities that PowerPoint offer gets better and better with every new version. Starting to learn Microsoft PowerPoint can be difficult if you are not familiar with it, but as you step into its environment it appears to be easy. Powerpoint is a reliable program and is secure. Additionally, It is easy to start over powerpoint as it has numerous features. Accordingly, powerpoint presentation is easy to share by any format including html5, PDFs, and Word documents and its macros can be used in powerful ways.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook office is widely used as a desktop email client to communicate over the internet. Many organizations and companies utilize Outlook to send or receive emails or coordinate meetings, etc. MS Outlook can be easily expanded with a smartphone allowing users to access their email data anywhere around the world.

Why learn Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook has integration with the Microsoft Exchange. Outlook’s coordination with active directory; as the users don’t have to fill all login credentials, again and again, to log into the exchange server account. In addition, outlook supports many smart devices which provide access to mailbox data from anywhere around the world. E-mails are managed easily with outlook. However, the Outlook is not limited only to messaging instead it allows swift workflow strategies. Several accounts can be configured in outlook with powerful security mechanisms.

Microsoft Office Course Contents

Digital Literacy curriculum follows the Microsoft standards and is designed to meet the requirements of every home & office user needs.

Intro to IT & Computers

  • Basic Concept of IT
  • What is a Computer?
  • Components of a Computer
  • Classification of Computers
  • Computer Software
  • System Software [Operating System – Ms Windows]
  • Application Software [MS Office]
  • Operating System
    • The Windows Desktop
    • Desktop Wallpaper
    • The Taskbar
    • Setting the Date and Time
    • Toolbars
    • The Windows Start Button
    • Share your computer with others
    • Setting Parental Controls in Windows
    • Copying Pictures to a New Folder
    • How to take a screenshot in Windows

Microsoft Word

Getting Started With Microsoft Word

  • Creating a basic document
  • Enter text
  • Saving a new document
  • Preview document
  • Print document
  • Online help

Editing a Document

  • Insert text
  • Select text
  • Create an auto text entry
  • Move and copy text
  • Delete text
  • Undo changes
  • Find and replace text

Formatting Text

  • Apply font styles and effects
  • Change text color
  • Highlight text
  • Bulleting text

Formatting Paragraphs

  • Set tabs to align text
  • Control paragraph layout
  • Add borders and shading
  • Apply styles

Adding Table

  • Create a table
  • Modify the table structure
  • Format a table
  • Table toolbar

Header and Footer

  • Understanding header and footer
  • Creating / editing header and footer
  • Insert page number / text on header & footnote and endnote option menu
  • Creating / editing footnote and endnote

Drawing Toolbar – Word Art

  • Use of Drawing toolbar
  • Use of auto shape
  • Adding shadows and text to a shape
  • Working with textbox object
  • Create word art
  • Advanced word art

Create Word Macros

  • What is a macro
  • Create a macro
  • Assign a macro to the keyboard
  • Delete your macro

Proofing a Document

  • Check spelling, grammar and word count

Customize autocorrect options

Microsoft Excel

Getting Started With MS Excel

  • Excel rows and columns
  • Workbook & worksheet
  • Enter text and numbers in a cell
  • Edit text in a cell
  • Cell formatting
  • Font formatting
  • Merge cells
  • Save your work

Formulas and Functions

  • Entering formulas
  • Copying data and formulas
  • Using AutoSum
  • Understanding functions
  • Using simple aggregate functions (Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max)
  • Copying formulas

Editing Features

  • Using cut , copy, and paste operations
  • Using paste special with values
  • Selection techniques
  • Navigation techniques

Working with the Large Workbooks

  • Freezing and unfreezing panes
  • Splitting windows

Inserting page breaks for printing-

Working with Charts

  • Creating charts using Chart Wizard
  • Creating different types of charts
  • Including titles and values in charts
  • Formatting of charts

Inserting Graphic Objects

  • Insert and modify pictures and clipart
  • Draw and modify shapes
  • Illustrate workflow using smartart Graphics

Previewing and Printing

  • Previewing worksheets
  • Page setup
  • Printing of worksheets in multiple pages
  • Repeating rows and columns for multiple pages
  • Printing multiple worksheets

Simple Database Operation

  • Sorting tables
  • Filtering data with auto filter
  • Referring data from other worksheets
  • Create hyperlinks

Analyzing Data Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

  • Create a pivot table report
  • Analyze data using pivot charts

Microsoft PowerPoint

Getting Started

  • Microsoft Office Toolbar
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Mini Toolbar

Creating a Presentation

  • New Presentation
  • Save a Presentation
  • Add Slides
  • Theme

Working with Content

  • Enter Text
  • Select Text
  • Copy and Paste
  • Cut and Paste
  • Undo/Redo
  • Spell Check

Formatting Text

  • Change Font Typeface and Size
  • Font Styles and Effects
  • Change Text Color
  • WordArt
  • Change Paragraph Alignment
  • Indent Paragraphs
  • Text Direction

Adding Content

  • Resize a Textbox
  • Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Nested Lists
  • Formatting Lists
  • Adding Video
  • Adding Audio


  • Adding a Picture
  • Adding ClipArt
  • Editing Picture and ClipArt
  • Adding  Shapes
  • Adding SmartArt


  • Create a Table
  • Enter Data in a Table
  • Format a Table
  • Insert a Table from Word or Excel


  • Create a Chart
  • Edit Chart Data
  • Modify a Chart
  • Chart Tools
  • Paste a Chart from Excel

Slide Effects

  • Slide Transitions
  • Slide Animation
  • Animation Preview


  • Print a Presentation

Package a Presentation

Internet & Microsoft Outlook

Introduction to the Internet

Getting and Using an Email Account

  • Getting an Email account
  • Using an Email account: sending greeting cards and email to one another
  • Online Shopping, Chat and other services

MS Outlook

  • How to Set up a new Email account
  • How to Add Email Attachments
  • Set up a Second Outlook Express Account
  • Add a Signature to all outgoing emails

Practical Approach

  • The real-life examples will be given throughout the lectures.
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What is Quickbooks course?

Intuit developed and marketed QuickBooks which is an accounting software package. QuickBooks products are mainly utilized by small and medium-sized businesses. Moreover, it also serves on-premises accounting apps as well as cloud-based versions.

Uses of Quickbook software


To keep your books balanced, QuickBooks automate standard bookkeeping tasks such as entering transactions, performing calculations, and organizing data.

Sales tax

The built-in sales tax calculator evaluates sales tax based on where you are, what you sell and the address on the sales receipt.

Manage and pay bills

To avoid late fees, it tracks your bills and their due dates in one place and also set up automatic payments so that your bills are paid for you.


Create custom, professional business reports as well as balance your sheet, cash flow statement, income statement and over 50 other reports.

Create invoices

The customers can pay via credit or debit card and Apple Pay, etc.

Accounting software

Quickbooks stay on top of your accounting at home or on the mobile app and is rated as the top accounting software for small businesses.

Bank reconciliations

Bank transactions are imported and are organized by Quickbooks.

Scan receipts

QuickBooks app help to turn your phone’s camera into a receipt scanner.

Create estimates

Quickbooks create professional estimates for the customer. Once an estimate is accepted, it will convert it to invoices and track everything for you.


Track invoices, expenses, and transactions project-by-project with QuickBooks.

Quickbook learning benefits

Convenient design options

As your business grows, it’s normal to need new invoice formats. Working with Quickbooks, it is easy, cost-effective and convenient to create new layouts. Adding to it, you can also make the change once and apply it to all future invoices.

Accounting integration

When you run a small business, it’s difficult to keep tabs on every sale and expense. If you issue paper invoices, you must keep copies and manually enter each one into your accounting software.

Instant delivery

An online invoice system allows the sales staff to make and deliver an invoice in a fraction of minutes. A digital system also means that your invoices never get delayed by the postal service or lost in the mail.

Easy tracking

QuickBooks tracks the invoice from the moment it’s delivered to the client. That means that you can see exactly when a customer opens the invoice, and you can even set up notifications to tell you when it’s paid in full.

Faster payments

Online invoices give you the option to add a hyperlink to your online payment system. When the customer receives it, all they have to do is click the link to pay their bill.

Quickbooks training in Lahore, PK

The ICT-training institute serves you the most thorough and unequivocal Quickbooks course. This course is especially served for the people who crave to develop businesses, professional attitudes and want to do everything in less time. ICT-trainings teaching methodology aims to teach the course step by step in a practical way, which enables the user to work by him/herself.

Quickbooks Certification

The QuickBooks Certification exam is more than a test—passing it boosts confidence, establishes expertise, and earns client trust. It takes less time than you think.

The following curriculum will help you achieve it.

Course Outline

Basic Accounting

  • What is Accounting?
  • Why Business needs Professional Accountant
  • Fundamental concepts of Accounting

Chart of Accounts

  • Level of Accounts
  • Accounting Codes
  • Import / Export Data from Excel


  • QuickBooks interface
  • Scope of QB
  • QuickBooks Utilities and

General Product Knowledge


  • Customer / Supplier – Invoices/Bills
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Estimates
  • Delivery Note
  • Bank Statement
  • Supplier Statement
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing


  • Supplier
  • Customer
  • Customization
  • Jobs
  • Financial Information
  • Quick Reports
  • Tax Reports

Stock Management

  • Bill of Materials
  • Inventory Record
  • Stock Valuation Reports

Financial Tools

  • Closing Periods
  • Accountant Center
  • Workflow of an Organization
  • Job Costing


  • Payroll Items Creation
  • Processing Paychecks
  • Quick-Reports Payroll
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Tally 9

Tally ERP 9 is the latest version of Tally which is a resource planning and designing software project built by Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd in Bangalore, India. Moreover, Tally ERP 9 software serves more than 1.6 million users across the globe and they use it for recording day to day business data of a company. Tally ERP 9 Software is one acclaimed financial accounting system and inventory management system with power computer. Hence, it follows the double-entry accounting system and hence eliminates and rectifies possible errors.

Benefits of Tally 9 Course

Tally ERP 9 facilitates basic accounting operations and also provides the flexibility of doing a host of other tasks that support your business operations. This business management software has been designed to cater to a wide range of business scenarios.

Tally ERP 9 boasts of a variety of useful features, including:

  • Multi-currency
  • Splitting and merging of the company
  • Auto-voucher numbering
  • Alternate and compound units of measure
  • Percentage based reporting
  • Flexible date-based and multi-account reporting

Features of Tally ERP 9

  • Tally ERP 9 is called as multi-lingual tally software as it supports multiple languages. Accounts can be maintained in one language and reports can be viewed in another language.
  • Accounts can be created and maintained up to 99,999 companies.
  • You can automate employee records management using payroll feature.
  • By using Tally, the transactions maintained in multiple locations offices can be automatically updated.
  • Produces stronger financial statements as required by the company.
  • Tally also manages single and multiple groups.

Below are the uses of Tally ERP 9

The Tally ERP 9 software is designed to help businesses succeed in an integrated and controlled environment. This software simplifies business processes and it is designed with the principles of simplicity, flexibility, and reliability.


Is the main use of Tally ERP and it is segmented into 6 different functions:

  • Contra (only for cash and bank-related entries)
  • Payment (for payment entries)
  • Receipt (for receipt entries)
  • Journal (for entries)
  • Sales (for sales billing)
  • Purchases (for purchase billing)

Ratio Analysis:

This displays many important ratios on the basis of information which is entered while creating vouchers. Furthermore, ratio analysis in Tally.ERP 9 enables you to make quick decisions about your personal or client’s business.


Different types of reports are required at various times for making potent business decisions.


Banking functionality allows you to directly print cheques and maintain its register, create deposit slips and payment advice.


You can classify inventories on the basis of groups, units, different stock items in which they are located.


The best thing in Tally.ERP 9 is that when you create a billing entry, it reduces redundancy in entering a large amount of data.

Learn Tally ERP 9

The Tally ERP 9 software is designed to help businesses succeed in an integrated and controlled environment. This software simplifies business processes and it is designed with the principles of simplicity, flexibility, and reliability.

Course Outline

The training track below will give you the expertise required to gain an edge in the market.

Basic Accounting

  • What is accounting?
  • Why Business needs Professional Accountant
  • Fundamental concepts of Accounting
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Level of Accounts
  • Accounting Codes
  • Import / Export Data from Excel


  • Gateway of Tally
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Accounts, Masters, Reports


  • Customer / Supplier – Invoices/Bills
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Delivery Note
  • Bank Statement
  • Supplier Statement
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing


  • Supplier
  • Customer
  • Customization
  • Jobs
  • Financial Information
  • Quick Reports
  • Tax Reports

Stock Management

  • Bill of Materials
  • Inventory Record
  • Stock Valuation Reports

Financial Tools

  • Closing Periods
  • Accountant Center
  • Workflow of an Organization
  • Job Costing
  • Segmented Reporting


  • Payroll Items Creation
  • Processing Paychecks
  • Quick-Reports Payroll

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Python Essentials

Python course helps you to rapidly develop feature-rich applications, Structure code with classes, functions, modules and OO features, access standard and third-party modules and packages

If you want to become professional python programmer or to increase the knowledge in a distinctive area of python programming like (building Django Framework, making a python apps, working on data Science, developing a game, etc)from scratch!.

We provide the basic and straight-forward python programming course for anyone who has a great desire to learn the power of python programming language. Our major objective is to learn coding step by step in a practical way to work on real-time applications.

Why Learn Python?

Python is easy to learn.

Python is the popular and high-level programming language with its versatile features of developing desktop applications, web apps, game development, machine learning and bring efficiency to day-to-day marketing analytics.

It has incorporated great tools for data mining also.

If the structure and design of project analysis meet its objectives then the next step of developing an application in the python will be easier. Google, Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, BitTorrent, Civilization IV are the most common examples of the python application.

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Android Programming

Android apps programming is the process by which new applications are created for devices running the Android operating system. Moreover, android apps can be written using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages using the Android software development kit (SDK). Android is a denoting software; with free code, a modified mobile operating system built by Google for use on touchscreen devices.

Importance of android apps programming

This course is intended to cover various concepts and practices for Android apps programming. You will learn new patterns of development. Even though Android uses the Java programming language, the way that code should be written on Android is significantly different from other languages that might be written for back-end or desktop applications.

This course is specifically about developing Android apps which is based on different applications. Developed by using the Java or kotlin programming language and the Android framework.

Why learn android app development course?

Android devices are getting more efficient and affordable and there are no signs of a slowdown in the need for capable app developers. So if you’re hoping to pick up this skill set for professional purposes, this is a fantastic time to do so. It is necessary to have a good understanding of Java before getting started on this path.

It’s known globally and is the most used operating system. Android software is installed on smartphones and is also used on other smart devices such as TVs, tablets, laptops, and watches, etc.

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PC Repair & Maintenance

Imagine building a computer then connecting it securely to a network. This exciting first step could lead to a rewarding IT career. Because a sure way to excel – no matter which area of IT you choose—is to learn the right computer fundamentals.

PC Repair & Maintenance covers this as well as shares the career skills needed for entry-level IT jobs. Plus, you’ll enjoy working with advanced simulation tools and having multiple hands-on labs to really hone your troubleshooting skills and immediately practice what you learn! and also prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification.


No prerequisites or computer knowledge required.

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Cybersecurity Essentials

Learn the basics needed to fight cybercrime

A single breach can have huge consequences for a company’s ability to function, hurting the bottom line and causing disruption in the daily lives of millions of people. This is why the demand for security professionals continues to grow. Get onboard – and develop an understanding of cybercrime, security principles, technologies, and procedures used to defend networks. Then decide whether you want to pursue an entry-level networking or security role professionally. Recommended for students planning to study for the CCNA or Cyber Operations Associate Certifications.


Introduction to Cybersecurity or equivalent knowledge recommended.

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