The number of annual security incidents caused by insider threats is increasing. InThe CERT Guide to Insider Threats, Capelli et al write, “Insider threats are an intriguing and complex problem. Some assert that they are the most significant threat faced by organizations today.” Disgruntled system administrators damage data and systems, skilled professionals steal intellectual property, and less skilled employees use the information to achieve political or financial objectives. Any of these can constitute a critical national defense breach or breach of public trust.   To defend against completion of damage or theft, an organization must hold every employee responsible for detecting and reporting both behaviorRead More →

During video surveillance planning stage, we often face a question – how many HDDs should I use for my video surveillance system. Estimating or calculating the required video storage can be quite simple by using the formula, or it can be complicated when considering many factors including resolution, frame rate, video compression, and bitrate settings. We herein provide you a freeware which can calculate the video storage requirement of the camera based on many these variable parameters. Using this calculator you can roughly estimate how long can a HDD record in your computer/DVR/NVR. You can use the formula as below: Bitrate (Kbit/s) ÷ 8*3600*hours each camera willRead More →